Qatar’s Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan to QNA: Host of MOUs, Agreements Within HH the Amir’s Visit Program to Bishkek

HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Kyrgyz Republic Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Sulaiti stressed that the visit of HH Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to Bishkek comes at a time when an accelerated development, strength, and growth characterize the relations between the two countries.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency , His Excellency said that the HH the Amir is the first Arab leader to visit the Kyrgyz Republic, reflecting the mutual aspiration to boost and strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries. His Excellency stressed that this visit would strengthen the political, economic, and cultural ties between the State of Qatar and the Kyrgyz Republic, opening new horizons for bilateral cooperation, where a host of memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and agreements that cover various fields are expected to be signed during that official visit.

His Excellency said that the relations between the State of Qatar and the Kyrgyz Republic witness positive development and growth, as HE President of the Kyrgyz Republic made three official visits to the State of Qatar, reflecting the significance of the relations between the two countries, and their aspiration to strengthen cooperation.

His Excellency pointed out that cooperation relations in the charitable field are also witnessing growth, as Qatar Charity provided humanitarian assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic and cooperated in implementing development and relief projects to support the population in need.

His Excellency added that the two countries cooperate in providing mutual support within the framework of international and regional organizations, such as the UN and others, as they had cooperated in discussing and voting on several international issues of common interest.

His Excellency noted that several mutual visits, at the level of ministers and governments, were organized between the two countries in various fields, which contributes to strengthening understanding and exchanging expertise.

HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Kyrgyz Republic revealed that HH the Amirs visit to Kyrgyzstan would witness the signing of around 20 agreements and MOUs between the two countries, reflecting their commitment to strengthening and expanding the bilateral cooperation in the fields of law, sports, defense, plant quarantine, health, veterinary, finance, disaster management, central banks, agriculture and food security, training aviation specialists, technology and communication, media, cultural centers, employment, customs, livestock and phytosanitary, healthcare, postal exchange, stock market, business council, along with other fields.

His Excellency said that signing that large number of MOUs and agreements reflects the two countries commitment to strengthening the strategic partnership and deepening their bilateral cooperation, opening new cooperation horizons, as well as economic and cultural opportunities among the two counties.

His Excellency said that there are promising prospects for economic and trade relations between the State of Qatar and the Kyrgyz Republic. Among the potential opportunities and areas that can be developed in this regard are the tourism sector, agriculture, food, the financial sector, and energy and natural resources.

His Excellency affirmed that the future of the relations between the State of Qatar and the Kyrgyz Republic is based on strengthening cooperation and expanding the ties between the two countries. His Excellency added that the State of Qatar is a significant country in the Middle East and seeks to consolidate its role and expand its cooperation scope with central Asian countries, with which its shares several elements, such as Islamic religion, culture, and others.

His Excellency expressed his confidence that economic cooperation between Qatar and Kyrgyzstan will continue to expand and diversify through promoting trade and investment and exchanging technology and knowledge in various economic sectors. His Excellency said that Qatar could play a significant role in promoting investment and developing the economy in Kyrgyzstan and central Asian countries, which enhances economic prosperity and provides Job opportunities for the population.

His Excellency also pointed out the significance of cultural and educational cooperation, as exchanging students and academics and organizing joint cultural events would strengthen understanding and cultural communication between the two peoples and deepen cultural relations.

Concluding his interview with QNA, HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Kyrgyz Republic indicated that enhancing the relations between Qatar and Kyrgyzstan would strengthen Qatars role in the region and consolidate its presence in central Asia as Qatar can play a significant role in promoting regional cooperation and peace. His Excellency added that cooperation with central Asian countries promotes bilateral relations in political, security, and cultural fields; enables the exchange of expertise and knowledge; enhances mutual understanding; and deepens cooperation in the face of joint regional and international challenges.

Source: Qatar News Agency