Qatari Newspapers Editorials

Qatari newspapers, in their editorials on Friday, dealt with a number of local and Arab issues, foremost of which is the efforts of the State of Qatar to maintain water security, including its implementation of several mega projects and its use of the latest technological methods in water desalination, and its constant endeavor to increase the production of potable water and water used in agriculture, which contributes to achieving sustainable development and supports the development plans of the state.

On the other hand, the newspapers highlighted the firm position of the State of Qatar on the Syrian crisis since its outbreak 12 years ago, as it has been paying great attention to it, in all regional and international forums. Qatar is also one of the largest humanitarian supporters of the Syrian people at the global level.

On the Arab issue as well, the newspapers touched on the provocative statements of the racist Israeli Finance Minister, Smotrich, claiming that the Palestinian people do not exist and are less than 100 years old, reviewing the widespread Palestinian, Arab and international reactions and condemnations.

Al-Raya newspaper said in its Friday editorial titled "Water Security is a National Priority", that water security comes at the top of the strategic priorities of the State of Qatar, as it guarantees security and stability, and supports the country's development plans by creating a safe and balanced strategic reserve.

Al-Raya pointed out that the State of Qatar is constantly striving to increase the production of drinking and agricultural water, to enhance the country's water security by providing high-quality water, which will be reflected in enhancing capabilities to build a prosperous and sustainable economy, adding that Qatar is continuing its strategic projects in order to achieve complete independence in all fields, and it has great achievements in the field of water desalination. It follows the best modern methods in water desalination plants, as well as in the field of water recycling, through the best global technological methods in the tertiary treatment of waste water.

Al-Raya concluded by saying that the State of Qatar has accomplished many strategic and pioneering projects to ensure water security, on top of which is the Mega Reservoirs Project, which enables the State of Qatar to overcome the difficulties and face the challenges of the lack of fresh water, as the project is a milestone in the history of Qatar, and it meets its needs for potable water and achieves water security during crises and emergencies, within the framework of Qatar National Vision 2030.

In the same context, the English-language newspaper The Peninsula said in its editorial today, under the title "Qatar committed to water security" that the growing global water crisis has made countries and relevant organizations work to raise awareness and highlight the dangers posed by water scarcity to human life and global stability and peace.

The Peninsula mentioned that Qatar not only adopted the goals and objectives of the sustainable development plan of the UN, but is has aligned them with its national development strategy to ensure clean water supply to everyone and sanitation services while ensuring their sustainable management, pointing out that Qatar constructed and expanded its first desalination plants.

Source: Qatar News Agency