Qatari Cabinet Holds Regular Meeting / 3

Seventh: The cabinet reviewed the following issues and took the necessary decisions:
1. A letter by the minister of economy and trade on a report on the second review of trade policies of Qatar at the World Trade Organization in Geneva during the month of April.

The review praised the enormous economic achievements in guiding macroeconomic and development plans since the mid-nineties, and welcomed Qatar’s efforts to diversify its economy, not directly depending on oil and gas, and ensuring justice among generations in relation to the best use of non-renewable resources through the establishment of projects in the sectors of health, education and infrastructure.

2. A memo by the foreign minister, who is also chairman of Qatar Committee For Alliance of Civilizations (QCAC), on its fourth annual report for the year 2013-14.

QCAC is in charge of supervising the implementation of Qatar’s plan and contributions to the Alliance of Civilizations (AOC)
The report included details of events, programs and activities organized by QCAC in that period, which aim to highlight the concept of AOC, and strengthen Qatar’s leading role within it, especially as it chairs the secretariat of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.

3. A memo by the minister of youth and sports on the outcome of the 37th session of the council of Arab ministers of youth and sports and its executive bureau (Sharm El-Sheikh – May 2014).

4. A letter by the minister of justice on samples of draft agreements and memoranda of understanding between the government of Qatar and the governments of other countries in the different fields.

Eighth: Approving a draft agreement on educational cooperation between the governments of Qatar and Spain. (END)

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