Qatari Cabinet Holds Regular Meeting /1

2 – A draft law on organizing Charitable Works:
Under the provisions of the draft law, Qatar Authority for Charitable Works shall organize, develop and support charities in order to achieve their goals. Charities shall be subject to the supervision and control of the Qatar Authority for Charitable Works including the registered charity associations and private institutions or the charity institutions that will be established registered and announced according the provisions of the law, as well as other authorized bodies to initiate charitable or humanitarian works, and individuals who are authorized to collect donations or transfer financial donations for charitable or humanitarian purposes . Charity organizations or any other entities or individuals shall not collect donations without permission from Qatar Authority for Charitable Works unless for a specific purpose for a limited period, in accordance with the provisions of this law.

The Cabinet, upon the proposal of the President may grant the Charities organizations a subsidy or a loan, and Charities may also be exempted from any taxes or fees, so as to help them to achieve their purposes.(MORE)

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