Qatar has Comprehensive Programme for Environment Sustainability – Al Hemaidi /2/

For his part, Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sada, Assistant Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Environment said the State of Qatar, while joining the world in celebrations marking the World Environment Day, recognizes that climate change is one of the problems that threaten the environment of the planet, adding that global warming is threatening the ecosystems of seas and oceans.

He drew the attention to the consequences of all climate changes including big harms to the poor and the infrastructure of coastal cities, reduction of agrarian lands, exposure of various species of plants and animals to risk and forcing many marine organisms to migrate hundreds of miles to reach cooler waters
Qatar is working hard in order to achieve environmental sustainability by focusing on environmental protection and development leading to environmental sustainability in relation to the planning and implementation of all development projects, Al Sada said.

He said ” we have at the present time many of the challenges related to the management of water, energy and waste, which requires directing and educating the community to the best consumption systems and the upbringing of a generation aware of the environmental problems as well as the encouraging of environment-friendly initiatives, promotion of cooperation and exchange of knowledge and technology on the regional and international levels.(MORE)

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