Qatar Charity Announces Ramadan Campaign

Doha, June 23 (QNA) – Qatar Charity (QC) announced Monday its Charity Ramadan 2014 campaign entitled ‘Noor ul Ataa’’ worth QAR43.6 million, QAR8.6 million more than previous year.

The campaign is set to help 1.747 million people inside and outside Qatar, particularly Syrian refugees. Some QAR 16 million of the allocated sum are directed towards projects inside Qatar, an increase of QAR 4 million from last year. The projects inside Qatar include holding Iftar tables, reaching a total of 20. The total expense of the tables are 20 and will benefit 150,000 people, an increase of 30,000 compared to last year. The tables will be spread across different regions including Al-Khor, Dhakhira, Simaisma, khurittiyat, Al Gharafa, Al Rayyan, Freij Abdul Aziz, Ahmad ibn Hanbal School in Al-Najma, Yarmouk School in Bin Omran, Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib School in Bin Mahmoud, Eid Prayer Area at Ali Bin Ali Mosque in the Airport, Siliyah, Rayyan, Shahhaniya, Al Wakra, Al Meera Society in Mansoura, Jamilia, and Umm Salal. The focus will be on a focus on single workers and those with limited income.

Another project is ‘Fieh el Afiya’, which aims to provide iftar during the holy month for families on limited incomes, via a contract with productive families who supply the meals at an appropriate fee and then deliver them to needy families. The project will cost around QAR 299,000 and will benefit 7,500 people throughout the holy month.

Ramadan Supply is a different project that provides parcels containing essential food products that will be distributed to 1,500 families in different neighborhoods via coupons gifted by QC at commercial complexes to low-income families at the beginning of the holy month and at a cost of around QAR 800,000. (MORE)

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