Qatar Charity Announces Ramadan Campaign -1

The Qatar Charity has a special product dedicated to Industrial area worker, entitled ‘Iftar for Industrial Zone Workers’. It will distribute iftar meals through special vehicles in the various locations of workers in the industrial zone. It targets 12,000 workers throughout Ramadan at a cost of QAR 288,000.

There is also ‘Asset’ Committee Aid, a project that provides financial aid for families on limited incomes inside Qatar for a total cost of QAR 1.5 million. The committee provides regular monthly financial support to beneficiary families.

Qatar charity will also distribute snacks prepared by the productive families to motorists who will not be able to reach their homes before iftar on time. It will be carried out throughout the holy month of Ramadan at a cost of over QAR 377,500, targeting 12,000 people.

As for Ramadan charity projects located outside Qatar, they are worth QAR27 million and are set to benefit 1.35 million people. The projects will benefit the poor in 34 countries in three continents via its overseas offices, or through partners. Displaced Syrians will be a top priority as well as communities and countries with special circumstances, whether related to rates of poverty, natural disasters or violence, such as Palestine, Yemen, Sudan, Niger, Pakistan and Somalia.

Some of the projects include Iftar tables in 34 countries and the distribution of food baskets to the poorest in 17 countries, in addition to the distribution of Zakat al-Fitr in 34 countries and the implementation of special projects for refugee and displaced Syrians inside Syria and in neighboring countries. QC has increased the budget of its external Ramadan campaign which is this year estimated at QAR 3,000,000 higher than last year and will result in increased numbers of beneficiaries as well. The charity allocated QAR 5,000,000 for the distribution of in-kind assistance enabling 26,500 people in 34 countries with a focus on women and children.

Another project dedicated to Syrian refugees entitled ‘special assistance for Syrians.’ The project involves the distribution of food aid to 147,000 Syrian refugees at the cost of QAR1.254 million. (END)

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