Qatar Calls the International Community to Support Palestinian Reconciliation /1/

Sheikha Alya said that with the Syrian crisis entering its fourth year, its consequences hit appalling levels, human rights violations, war crimes and encroachments upon international laws.

She recalled Qatar’s efforts to contribute to a peaceful settlement in Syria , seeking to talk the Syrian opposition into participating in Geneva 2 conference. However, the Syrian regime’s procrastination in the negotiations was a proof of its unwillingness to pursue a political resolution, she said. The regime has recently taken steps to torpedo the whole peace process, she added.

The Syrian regime, she pointed out, forced the migration of millions of Syrians, blocked humanitarian aid and confiscated medical appliances and precluded international organisations field visits as stated in the second UN Secretary General’s report on the implementation of Resolution No 2139.

Two months have passed since UN Resolution No 2139 was issued but it was not implemented, Sheikha Alia noted. No improvement in the protection of civilians was noticed, whereas the security situation has worsened and no improvement was noticed in accessibility of humanitarian aid.

The Syrian regime’s continued resort to systematic random killings and use of traditional heavy weapons cannot be overlooked, she said. She also called for investigation into the use of poisonous gas against civilians.

Sheikha Alya urged the UN Security Council to take immediate steps to protects civilians in Syria and to find a mechanism for accountability for war criminals in that country. (QNA)

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