Qatar Affirms Support for Human Rights UPR -1-

HE the Director of the Human Rights Department at the Foreign Ministry Sheikh Khalid bin Jassim Al Thani said that Qatar’s opening speech which was delivered by the Head of Delegation addressed a number of important points including emphasizing Qatar’s respect for Human Rights, the importance of interactive dialogue and the full cooperation with the UPR Working Group and other regional and international mechanisms related to the promotion and protection of human rights in addition to appreciating the key role played by the Working Group in helping states to improve and strengthen their obligations arising from the International Human Rights Law.

The speech also explained the consultation which accompanied the preparation of the 2nd National Report of the State of Qatar, he said adding it stressed that the report before the Working Group came as a product of a broad consultative process and as a result of coordination, cooperation and extended partnership with all the classes and segments of society and relevant stakeholders.

He explained that the report highlighted the importance and centrality of the promotion and protection of human rights in the comprehensive reform policy pursued by the state and the overall vision for Development (Qatar National Vision 2030).

He pointed that the report shed light on legislative and institutional development achieved regarding the promotion and protection of human rights, since the State’s first report presented in 2010. (END)

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