QAPCO Launches its 2013 Sustainability Report titled “Sustainability in Action” /3/

Elaborating Al Rabeeh said, ‘Fully engaging our employees leverages our sustainability initiatives. Sustainability is about doing business the right way, looking beyond profit, building relationships and trust with our communities, by embedding sustainability within our operations and by putting sustainability into action every day,” he said.

Sustainability management is an ongoing action that allows QAPCO to realize new opportunities for growth from engaging its employees and stakeholders and creating shared-value along the way. QAPCO is moving forward with many initiatives for stakeholder engagement, knowledge building, and performance management.

Materiality plays a central role in defining the report’s content and the methods for prioritizing the topics that are managed on a strategic level.

The full English version of QAPCO’s 2013 sustainability report titled “Sustainability in Action” is now posted on the company website along with an executive summary in Arabic.

It is noted that QAPCO was established in 1974 and is a joint venture between Industries Qatar (80%) and Total Petrochemicals (20%). QAPCO is one of the largest producers of low density polyethylene (LDPE) in the region.

LDPE is considered as the most widely used form of plastic, providing innovative and practical applications such as food packaging, cables, agricultural films or toys and playing a key role in the development of green building solutions.

The LDPE produced by QAPCO is a high quality food-contact safe grade polymer and complies with all local, EU and U.S. FDA standards related to food packaging safety. LDPE enriches the daily lives of million of people around the planet. QAPCO is involved in a number of joint ventures that include QATOFIN, QVC, and QPPC, making QAPCO a regional petrochemical powerhouse.(END)

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