Putin: No Russian Military Instructors Present in Southeast Ukraine

Moscow, June 04 (QNA) – There are no Russian military instructors or army units in southeast Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Russian news agency (Itar-Tass) quoted Putin as saying in an interview with French TF-1 TV channel and radio station Europe-1 “There have not been and there are not any Russian army units or military instructors in southeast Ukraine.”
Putin rejected speculations that Russia had intentions to “annex or destabilize the Southeast of Ukraine.”
The Russian president said “The Ukrainian authorities should establish a dialog with their own population with the help of a negotiation process and not with the help of weapons, tanks and aircraft.”
The Ukrainian crisis should not become a new round of the cold war and its settlement should be achieved through a peaceful dialog, Putin said.

“First of all, I hope we are not entering any new phase of the cold war. Secondly, I insist that wherever people may live they have certain rights and should have a possibility to safeguard them. That is the point,” he said. (QNA)

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