Producer Price Index of Industrial Sector: Q2, 2012

Doha, October 02 (QNA) – Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) has released the Producer Price Index (PPI) of the Industrial sector for the second quarter (Q2) of 2012. The Industrial sector covers Mining, Electricity& Water and Manufacturing.
Comparison with previous quarter Q1-2012:
The PPI for Q2, 2012 stood  at 169.9 showing  a decline of 4.3% when compared to the PPI of the first quarter Q1, 2012. 
In the “Mining” group, the PPI dropped by 3.9%. This fall is the  combined effect of  decline in the prices of  Condensate produced by the oil extraction (11.7%), Condensate produced by the gas extraction (9.0%), Crude oil (7%) and the increase in the price of  Natural gas (3.8%).
    The decrease of 6.4% in the PPI for the “Manufacturing” group  is explained by  the decrease in the following product groups: Refined petroleum products (10.4%) ,Iron & steel industry products (5.1%), dairy products (2.8%) , Beverages (0.7%) and Grain mill and other product (0.1%) and increases in  in Basic chemical (2.4%) and Cement and glass products (0.9%).  
The PPI for “Electricity & Water” showed an increase  of 4.2% the combined effect of a the 1.8% rise  in the price of Electricity and 8.7% rise in the price of water .
Comparison with the corresponding quarter (Q2) of 2012:
The year-on-year comparison (PPI of Q2 2012 compared to PPI of Q1 2012) shows a rise of 3.6%..Producer prices for  “Mining” was 6.1% higher, while prices of   “Manufacturing” dropped by 6.8% and that of Electricity and water went up marginally by 4.1%.
Within Mining, there was a hike  in the prices of Natural gas (27.1%) but decreases in the price of   Condensate produced by the oil extraction  (8.5%),   Condensate produced by the gas extraction (6.2%), and that of Crude oil (1.3%).
The PPI for “Manufacturing” group PPI decreased by 6.8% mainly resulting from the fall in the prices of all the sub groups with the exception of dairy products and beverages. Prices of  Refined petroleum products dropped by (8.4%), Iron &Steel industry, (2.4%), Basic chemical, (6.1%) and Cement  and glass products, (0.6%). .Prices of dairy products were 2.3% higher and that of beverage products, 1.5% higher.
The PPI for the “Electricity & Water” group  showed an increase  of 4.1%: An 11% increase in the price of water, and  the 0.5% rise in the price of Electricity. (QNA)

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