North Korea Test-fires Midrange Rodong Missiles

Seoul, June 19 (QNA) – North Korea’s firing of ballistic missiles in March seems to have been aimed at testing if its midrange ones could target South Korea by skirting South Korean and U.S. interception systems, military sources here said Thursday.

On March 26, the communist North test-fired two midrange Rodong missiles from north of Pyongyang. Though the missiles have an estimated range of 1,000 kilometers to 1,500 km, those in March flew about 650 km before dropping into the East Sea.

“North Korea fired the Rodong missiles at a higher than usual launch angle in order to shorten their maximum range,” Yonhap news agency quoted a senior military officer as saying.

By carrying out such a test, North Korea appears to have come up with a way not to be caught by either the South Korean or American missile interception system when launching an attack against South Korea with its midrange missiles,” he added. (QNA)

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