Noor Islamic Bank renamed Noor Bank

WAM DUBAI, 7th January, 2014 (WAM) — In a strategic move aimed at underlining its local and international growth ambitions and broadening the appeal of its Islamic finance products and services to all communities in the U.A.E., Noor Islamic Bank has been renamed Noor Bank.

The simplified name underlines that the bank is a values driven and principles based financial institution with Sharia compliance at the heart of its business decisions. “Adherence to Sharia values and principles is in our DNA and they will continue to be the bedrock of our business decisions,” said Hussain AlQemzi, CEO of Noor Bank.

Launched today, the new brand expression is reflected across Noor Bank’s sister companies, with new visual identities being introduced for Noor Takaful, Noor Trade and Noor Awqaf.

Alongside the visual changes, Noor Gets It Done will serve as Noor Bank’s business purpose, becoming central to the Noor customer experience. The new visual identities of Noor Takaful, Noor Trade and Noor Awqaf reflect the business purpose across all financial sectors.

AlQemzi, who is also Group CEO of Noor Investment Group, explained the thinking behind the new business purpose: “Building a better customer experience has been at the heart of our strategy and we have now captured that in an explicit and concise way. Noor Gets It Done is more than a promise, it is a commitment to change the face of customer service in the U.A.E. financial sector. It will be front and centre of everything we do as an organisation.

“Noor Gets It Done means that we will have a different outlook. Where others see difficulty, we will see opportunity. Where others look for excuses, we will simply look harder. And where others confuse through process, we will simplify with outcome.” As part of the next phase of Noor’s growth, the look and feel of Noor Bank and Noor Takaful retail outlets will be re-imagined to enable more effective, more efficient and more rewarding customer service experiences. Credit and debit cards have been renamed to better reflect the benefits offered and all bank forms and documents have been redesigned and simplified with the customer in mind.

With its eyes firmly on future expansion, Noor has taken a modular approach to differentiating its businesses. “We want to grow and our new branding gives us the freedom and inspiration to flourish,” said AlQemzi.

“With a modular brand design, new corporate identities quickly fall into place – the logo, colour theme, business cards, letterheads and marketing collateral. This makes us nimble and fast to market.” AlQemzi believes the new colour coded public faces of Noor Bank, Noor Takaful, Noor Trade and Noor Awqaf will enable them to stand out from the crowd by cutting through the advertising clutter that bombards people on a daily basis. “We want to be seen and let potential customers know all about the great things we have to offer. Our new branding gives a unique visual identity by de-cluttering jargon, jettisoning stock images and showcasing distinctive fonts and messaging,” he said.

The new brand focus is also clearly aligned with Dubai’s intention to be at the centre of the global Islamic economy. “Our ambition is boundless. We want to play a pivotal role in helping the UAE achieve its vision for the future, while reflecting the strength of Dubai itself in our operations. For us, Dubai is both an inspiration and a goal. Looking ahead, we see a huge opportunity for growth, a clear way forward and a clear mission that will enable us to Get It Done,” AlQemzi concluded.


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