Nishani: US-Islamic World Forum a Noble Attempt to Build Bridges of Communication

Doha , June 09 (QNA) – Albanian President Bujar Nishani has described organizing the U.S.-Islamic World Forum by the State of Qatar annually as a noble attempt to build strong bridges of communication and cooperation between the Islamic world and the United States.

In a speech he delivered at the opening session of the forum at the Ritz Carlton hotel here on Monday, President Nishani wished the forum every success to enhance ties of cooperation between the US and the Islamic world.

He said: “We are proud that we live in a society characterized with multiplicity of religions with Islam as the largest religion , whereas followers of different religions live together in peace and harmony for centuries ”
The Albanian President pointed out that the coexistence , religious tolerance and harmony are important pillars for the structure of the Albanian state, where the institutions’ directors are playing important role in the balance and harmony without religious bias.

Elaborating president Nishani said that the Albanian people established a model for coexistence , peace and played important role for promoting harmony and democracy and build a new image of the Balkan region and at the same time keep a close eye at dangers that threaten them .

He termed his country’s relations with the United States as humanitarian , strategic and deeply-rooted,” referring to the US support to the Albanians in different circumstances and conditions, especially during the transition period.

Albanian President reiterated his deep thanks and appreciation to the State of Qatar for hosting this important forum, wishing the forum activities all success .(QNA)

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