New Sabotage A.assault Targets Power Transmission Lines in Yemen

Sana’a, September 15 (QNA) – Power transmission lines in northeastern Sana’a came today under a new sabotage assalat, a Yemeni government source said.

In a press release, the source said that power transmission lines came under a sabotage attack today in the area adjacent to the junction of Al-Jawf, Marib governorate, damaging Ma’rib gas power station thus causing power outages in the capital, Sanaa, and most of the country’s fovernorates.

The attack is the third of its kind in less than a week, as power transmission lines were attacked twice in the area witnessing violent clashes between army troops and Houthi group militants, the source said stressing that engineers will try to repair the damage, but that depends on the stoppage of armed confrontations.

Power transmission lines in Yemen had been exposed to successive assaults since the beginning of the year 2011, costing the public treasury of the state heavy losses due to maintenance and damage repair works.(QNA)

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