New Device to Boost Qatar’s Internal Security Enforcement

Doha, October 10 (QNA) – Senior officials from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) Wednesday said the new products and systems, purchased under agreements signed at Milipol Qatar 2012, would enhance the service operations of internal security staff and make the process of law enforcement efficient.
Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA) Milipol Qatar Committee member and Head of Purchase Division Brigadier Saud Rashid Al Shafi said, “The new equipment and systems would boost capabilities and make internal security operations fast and efficient.”
Among the new contracts signed with foreign companies providing internal security solutions is French firm Safran Morpho. The QR 5.66 Million deal would see Morpho, a division under holding company Safran, delivering 60 units of MorphorapID, a hand-held device that does biometric personal identity verification.
Speaking to QNA, MoI Criminal Evidences and Information Department Director (CEID) Colonel Nasser Abdullah Al Mahmoud said, “This device would empower officers to identify wanted criminals, suspects or illegal persons in Qatar through finger print verification. This portable device will be linked to the central database in the control room via 3G network.”
The role of telecommunications network link would be critical once the devices are deployed Colonel Al Mahmoud said and added that the encrypted data would require fast and accurate exchanges.
Stressing on the importance of communications, Colonel Al Mahmoud said, “The MoI is currently working on the setting up of a private telecommunications network which will link all the services of the ministry.”
Speaking about the new deal Safran Morpho Middle East Sales and Marketing Director Walid Ghobrial said, “We are proud to be a key provider of biometric solutions to Qatar MoI since 1994. On Tuesday evening we announced our formal partnership with local company Itqan Holding to strengthen our presence in Qatar.”
Regarding the functionality of the MorphorapID biometric device, Ghobrial said, “It has a camera, finger print scanner, contactless and contact card reader which can read documents like passports, a 2D barcode reader, GPS, 3G, Wireless, Bluetooth and large storage capacity.”
This hand-held device is a mobile miniature police station. “It can serve all departments of the MoI like CEID, Traffic, Immigration and civil applications like enrollment for ID, passports and public services like facilitating good conduct certificates for individuals,” Ghobrial said. (QNA)

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