NAO to hold training seminar on Internal Audit

Manama, The National Audit Office NAO will hold a two-day training seminar on the importance of Internal Auditing for 150 employees from government bodies and agencies subject to its audit.

This symposium aims to create awareness of the important role Internal Audit plays in protecting public money and ensuring its best use. At the same time this event intends to foster cooperation between NAO and government bodies and agencies as well as promote an integrated approach to auditing, Auditor-General of NAO, Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Alkhalifa, said.

He emphasized that NAO seeks to strengthen the internal audit function in partnership with government bodies and agencies by providing assistance in the capacity development of their employees involved with internal audit and sharing knowledge about best practices in the audit field.

The two-day seminar targets employees from internal and financial audit departments as well as financial resources sections within government bodies and agencies.

The first day of the symposium focusses on NAO's role, the independence and quality of audit work, international auditing standards, risk assessment based audit and internal audit systems.

The second day concentrates on the cooperation between NAO and internal audit sections, personal data protection, fraud and the role and challenges of internal audit in view of governance requirements and protecting public money.

The auditor-general encouraged all participants to take advantage of the lectures and working papers presented at the symposium and to use this opportunity to connect with internal and financial audit experts to learn about the latest practices in the audit field and exchange experiences and ideas.

Source: Bahrain News Agency