Municipality of Abu Dhabi City rolls out “Basma Convoy”, events at Shamkha Park

Abu Dhabi: In the context of its community-oriented environmental, recreational and sports initiatives, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has kicked off “Basma Convoy” and “Enhance your Performance” events at the playgrounds of Al Shamkha Park, following a successful tour of Al Khatam, Al Wathba, Al Shahama, Al Bahya and Al Rahba Parks.

The program aims to enhance the role of parks situated outside Abu Dhabi Island in attracting the public, embed a constructive competitive spirit among the youth, foster the culture of utilizing parks for running communal activities, and turning them into a favourite community avenue fully addressing the standards of security, safety and fun for all family members.

These events are held in the context of a social, sports and educational initiative run by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City that will continue rolling up till December 2012 spanning all parks outside Abu Dhabi Island.

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