Motorbike riders must adhere to road rules, UAE paper

WAM Abu Dhabi, Dec 27th, 2012 (WAM) — A UAE paper has spotlighted the importance of road safety for Motorbike riders, urging them to must adhere to road rules.

“Whether racing at high speeds on the overtaking lane, cruising noisily and carelessly in leathers, or food and parcel delivery men in a rush for their next tip, motorcycles are a danger on our roads,” Gulf News commented today in its editorial.

There is no quick fix to motorbike safety, or for road safety as a whole for that matter. Riders should remember the machines are not toys. The tip isn’t worth the fall, the paper said.

Few riding the machines bother to adhere to the rules of the road – but they are certainly not alone in that regard. It’s just that the consequences of any accidents are exacerbated given the scant protection afforded to those on two wheels.

The dangers are underscored by statistics from Abu Dhabi that show that six motorcyclists there have been killed in the first eleven months of 2012. Scores more have been injured, many seriously.

“Sadly, the demographics show that those involved in accidents are young and male, out for a thrill of rushing to make a delivery,” the paper added.


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