Moroccan FM: ‘Qatar-Morocco Ties Are Historical’

Doha, October 20 (QNA) – The State of Qatar has chosen the path of Arab populations since the beginning, standing by their side in face of executioners, HE Morocco’s Foreign Minister Saad Eddine El Othmani has asserted.
Arab nations who embarked on revolutions are thankful to Qatar, the Foreign Minister told Qatar News Agency (QNA), affirming that these nations acknowledge their supporters and appreciate them.  
Morocco’s top diplomat indicated that Qatar-Morocco relations were strong and historical on all levels whether political, economic, or cultural, pointing out King Mohamed VI of Morocco’s keenness on presiding over the delegation’s crucial Gulf visit, which includes the State of Qatar, himself.
The focal point of talks between the two sides are expected to be developmental efforts adopted by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, with Qatar at their forefront, to support Morocco economically, he said.
These countries have decided that the financial coverage of this developmental aid constitutes $5 billion over five years, so discussions will focus on projects funded by the State of Qatar, El Othmani said, adding that they will also address supporting Qatar’s investments in Morocco and bolstering bilateral ties.

 HE the Moroccan Foreign Minister El Othmani told QNA that the private sector should play an important role in bolstering economic relations between the two countries.  On the political level, Qatar and Morocco hold similar views on a number of regional and international issues, he said, pointing out the deep cooperation through forums and happenings in expression of a unified stance on such affairs.
El Othmani refered to the Palestinian cause, indicating Morocco’s efforts on the issue in shedding the light on Israeli violations, and highlighting the topic as one of cooperation between Morocco and Qatar.
In regards to the Syrian crisis, the Moroccan FM indicated that the stance adopted by Qatar and Morocco is clear and is based on the triumph of the Syrian people.
He highlighted the political efforts exerted by Morocco in the Arab League along with its brotherly nations, as well as in the General Assembly of the UN.

HE the Moroccan Foreign Minister El Othmani also highlighted during his interview with QNA Morocco’s humanitarian efforts on the Syrian file.
The civil hospital in Al Zaatari camp is a joint effort with the State of Qatar, he said, expressing hopes towards more of this in the future increasing partnerships.
The Moroccan top diplomat also hoped for the success of UN and Arab League Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, affirming support of his suggestion over a truce during Eid al-Adha.
In response to a question on the tension in neighboring Mali and its effect on Morocco, El Othmani asserted the need for international assistance working towards stability in the conflict-ridden country. (QNA)

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