Ministry of Justice organizes Seminar on Legal Protection

Doha, October 18 (QNA) – A seminar on legal protection to prevent the infringement of religions (challenges .. solutions), organized by the Centre of Legal and Judicial Studies at the Ministry of Justice, was held here today.
    HE  the  Minister of Justice Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim said in a statement to reporters that the seminar was held within the framework of the activity of the Centre of Legal and Judicial Studies at the Ministry of Justice and aims to seek the issuance of a legislative instrument to prevent infringement of religions due to the importance of this issue, especially after the abuse and infringement of religions in general and the Islamic religion and our Prophet Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him), in particular, that happened in recent years, referring to the  abuse contained in the cartoons or films which offended the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
    “We took the initiative to issue a legislative instrument, which we aim to be  international and to be presented to international organizations and the United Nations to prevent the infringement of religions, HE Al-Ghanim said adding: “This will be under the name ‘Qatar model law on the prevention of  infringement on religions’. He said
 the role of the Ministry of Justice in this issue is important as it will discuss it at the level of GCC Ministers of Justice and will also forward it to the next conference of Arab Justice Ministers, due to be held in Cairo in November.
 HE Al-Ghanim said ” we will adopt this legislative instrument to take it to the United Nations, with the aim of preventing  any body to infringe  any religion and will be translated into many languages, adding that the Ministry of Justice will work with the World Federation of Muslim Scholars in this regard. (QNA))

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