Japan’s SDF, US Military Stage Joint Landing Drill

Tokyo, - The Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force and the US military have held a joint landing drill in California.

About 350 Japanese personnel took part in the exercise at a US Marine Corps training site. The drill was based on the scenario of the Japanese and US personnel recapturing a remote island, Japan's NHK World reported.

The Japanese participants used AAV7 amphibious vehicles for the first time to land on beaches.

On arriving in a residential area, the troops split into groups to occupy buildings while returning fire.

The Japanese participants will be the core members of an amphibious rapid deployment brigade that will be set up in about a year's time. It will specialize in recapturing remote islands.

Reconnaissance and communication units also participated in the exercise. They will be incorporated into the new brigade.

The Japanese Defense Ministry is working to improve its capability to deal with emergencies at a time of increasing maritime activities by China. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency