Japanese PM Will Visit North When All Abductees Return

Seoul, June 17 (QNA) – A Tokyo minister said Tuesday that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will only visit North Korea after the North has returned all the Japanese abductees, Korea’s KBS reported.

Keiji Furuya, the Japanese state minister in charge of the abduction issue, made the comment in an interview with U.S.-based Voice of America.

The minister said a summit between the top leaders of Japan and North Korea will be held in its last stage and that a perquisite for Abe’s visit to the North is that all Japanese abductees are returned home.

Citing information gathered by the Japanese police, Furuya said that there are at least 860 missing Japanese nationals believed to be abducted by the North.

When asked if the agreement between Japan and North Korea would remain effective if North Korea stages a military provocation, Furuya said such an act would be “suicide” for the North.

He added that North Korea has one last chance to bring progress to the Japan-North Korea Pyongyang Declaration.

The declaration, signed in Pyongyang in 2002 was designed for the two countries to work together to resolve uneasy bilateral diplomatic relationships, in return for economic assistance to North Korea. (QNA)

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