Israeli Knesset Delays Vote on Bill Allowing Force-Feeding of Palestinian Prisoners

Occupied Jerusalem, June 23 (QNA) – The Israeli Knesset has delayed its second vote, on a bill to allow forced feeding of Palestinian prisoners, as per the demand of Yesh Atid and its party leader Finance Minister Yair Lapid, (Israel Radio) reported on Monday.

The Knesset was due to conduct the final two votes on the controversial bill on Monday, a law explicitly permitting forced feeding hunger striking Palestinian prisoners.

Some 1,000 health-care workers have signed a petition against a bill to allow hunger-striking prisoners to be force-fed.

The petition charged that the bill would severely violate human rights, medical ethics, the Patients’ Rights Law and various international conventions, Israeli daily (Haaretz) reported adding it also claimed that involving doctors in force-feeding prisoners would be tantamount to letting medical personnel be used “as a political tool by the security services.”
“This is a bill that will be impossible to implement,” one hospital director told Haaretz.

A group of dozens of Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike for around 50 days protesting administrative detention and other controversial practices of the Israel Prison Service. (QNA)

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