Iran, Russia Sign Deal To Build Two Nuclear Plants

Tehran, June 23 (QNA) – Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization spokesman has said Iran and Russia have agreed to build two new nuclear plants in Bushehr alongside the current nuclear plant.

They plan to build more nuclear plants in Iran in addition to the two which had been already agreed upon, said Behrouz Kamalvandi in a statement relayed by the Iranian MEHRNEWS Agency (MNA) on Monday.

Behrouz Kamalvandi pointed to the recent report by IAEA and said that the two reports about the Joint Plan of Action on Tehran nuclear negotiations are positive and forwarding. “Both reports emphasized on Tehran nuclear program as a peaceful program and says that nothing is hidden form IAEA inspectors,” said Kamlavandi.

He added that according to the deal with the P5+1 group, IAEA should offer occasional or monthly reports.

“All IAEA reports prove that Iran has always provided the Agency with necessary information and granted access to the IAEA inspectors; also information of some factories and mines were offered to the IAEA,” said Kamalvandi.

He also held that Iran expected IAEA to respond Iran on time. In the past, the IAEA reported on some issues with preconceptions and ambiguity. “We help the IAEA to correct the wrong process about information gained through different sources across the world which provides the basis for some of the questions made by IAEA,” said Kamalvandi.(QNA)

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