Information Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Issues 2 Books on Qatar’s Renaissance, Heritage

The Information Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued two illustrated books documenting the aspects of development and modernization witnessed by the State of Qatar and highlighting its interest in its heritage, which reflects the balanced direction of the State in moving towards modernization while adhering to its identity and ancient heritage.

One of the publications documents the renaissance witnessed by the State of Qatar with colored illustrations, which includes vital areas in the country, such as mosques, towers, football stadiums and the metro network, as well as panoramic images of tourist attractions, the country's main road networks, universities, research centers, factories and sports that are increasingly popular.

While the other publication contains black and white images, embodying heritage places and buildings, traditional architecture, folk games, professions and old markets, as well as shots of wooden boats, folk arts and wildlife in the State of Qatar.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs