Information Minister: Egypt strategic depth for Arab countries

Manama, Information Affairs Minister, Ali bin Mohammed Al-Romaihi, has affirmed that the solid relations between Bahrain and Egypt, under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, are the fruitful outcome of the two countries’ deep-rooted civilisations and a long history of mutual respect between the two brotherly peoples.


“In Bahrain, we are linked to Egypt and our stances are with it; just as Egypt’s positions are always with us. We always affirm that our love for Egypt is innate. Egypt has always been, and still is, a leader in defending the Arab world and providing support to its brothers in education, medicine and culture,” the minister said in an interview with Anchor Amr Adib on MBC Masr (Egypt) over the phone.


On the kingdom’s solidarity with Egypt regarding its efforts to preserve its national security, in the midst of the ongoing developments in Libya, Al-Romaihi stressed that Bahrain’s supportive stance stems from the long-standing relations between the two brotherly countries.


He asserted that Egypt’s wise policy over the past years will not be affected by those conspiring against their countries, or those  who are connected to the Arab world only by name, but serve external agendas.


In this regard, the minister said that the “media conspiracy launched by the Qatari Al-Jazeera channels over the past 25 years for the sake of undermining Egypt’s security weight has failed, and Egypt still represents, as it has always been, the strategic depth and security weight for every Arab citizen.”


Al-Romaihi said that the terrorist attacks and media campaigns targeting Egypt’s national security are not new, adding that whoever seeks to undermine the Arab world targets Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as some countries have become remnants and the national state no longer exists in them.


He emphasised that those who claim that the ongoing incidents are not expected contradict themselves, adding that Egypt remains the strategic depth for every Arab country, and only the ungrateful deny its role in serving Arab issues.


“We always confirm this stance. The relations between Bahrain and brotherly Egypt are distinguished, and our role, as media officials, is to highlight that and enhance confidence in Egypt’s role,” the minister concluded.


Source: Bahrain News Agency