Impressive turnout in Oman polls a positive indicator

Impressive turnout in Oman polls a positive indicator
2012-12-24 09:13:03

WAM Abu Dhabi, 24 Dec., 2012 (WAM)– The Dubai-based English daily Gulf News commented editorially on the municipal elections saying: ” Local government is the cornerstone of building a modern and progressive society and the voter turnout shows that Omanis have embraced the opportunity to have a say in how their communities develop.

Last Saturday’s polls were to elect members to 192 municipal council seats in the nation of 2.8 million, with nearly 1,500 candidates in the fray. People of Oman have participated in the nation’s municipal elections with enthusiasm and initial indications are that close to 60 per cent of those eligible turned out to exercise their franchise,’ the daily added.

“The municipal elections, along with the Shura elections, provide opportunities to all Omanis to express their views and be part of the development process of their country. By turning out and voicing their opinions in a participatory format, they have shaped society in a positive manner. This orderly process is the way forward. By working together and sharing their opinions at local government level, Omanis are laying the foundations for real economic and social growth,” GN concluded its comment.


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