HE Abdullah Al Mahmoud Chairs Cabinet Regular Weekly Meeting/ 1

Third: Approving to exempt beIN (a private institution with a public benefit) of all kinds of fees and taxes.

Fourth: Approval of the validity of the provisions of Law No. (24) of 2002 on retirement and pensions of Qatari employees working with each of the following :
1. Qatar First Bank (QFB)
2. Qatar Electronic Systems (Techno Q)
3. Qatar Investment and Projects Development Holding Company (QIPCO)
Fifth: Approval to join the Istanbul convention on temporary admission
Sixth: The Cabinet reviewed the following two matters and took the appropriate decisions:
1. A draft law on the regulation of human organ transplantation.

2. The Letter of HE the minister of economy and trade on a proposal to amend the commercial companies related law. (END)

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