Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, met, at the Grand Serail on Monday, with Emirati Ambassador Hamad al-Shamsi, Egyptian Ambassador Nazih al-Najjari, and Acting Saudi Charge d'Affaires in Beirut Sultan al-Sibai.

"We came to meet with Prime Minister Hariri, and to explain the three states' joint position rejecting Qatar's policy that is shaking the region's stability," a statement issued by the Ambassadors read.

"We are perfectly aware of the critical situation in Lebanon and the ongoing discussion of the election law, which is considered a priority for the Lebanese, whom we encourage to reach an agreement in that respect, in the nearest time possible," it added.

"We are also keen on informing the Lebanese leaderships of the reasons and motives behind our joint decision that has been taken after long time of patience," it said.

"It is important to us that we keep the Lebanese authorities posted about our position and developments regarding it, hoping that [our position] would be taken into consideration, according to the Lebanese vision and interests," it concluded.

Source: National News Agency