GCC Warns against Attempts to Undermine Political Transition in Yemen

Sana’a, June 17 (QNA) – The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on Tuesday warned against the consequences of undermining the political transition in Yemen.

“The GCC countries, via their mission in Sana’a, with the other Gulf initiative sponsors will work together to counter any attempt to undermine the underway political process in Yemen,” a GCC mission’s statement was quoted by Yemeni SABA news agency as saying.

In the statement, the GCC mission called on all Yemeni political forces and actors to put the interests of Yemen above all else, to distance from the political bickering, to stop the senseless conflict and violence and to sensor the national responsibility in providing favorable conditions to complete the implementation of the remaining terms of the initiative.

The mission renewed the GCC’s absolute support for all actions and decisions taken by President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi in order to enhance the security and stability of Yemen and move forward in the implementation of the Gulf initiative. It stressed at the same item the importance of keeping the spirit of participatory and consensus between the different Yemeni political and societal components.

The GCC mission also emphasized the importance of accelerating the implementation of economic reforms designed to combat corruption and improve the living and humanitarian conditions in Yemen so as to achieve the desired stability.

Concluding its statement, the GCC mission called on the Yemeni media to play their pivotal role in strengthening the national consensus and unity based on the values and professional principles. (QNA)

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