GAC Motor Debuts in Dubai, Leverages on Table Tennis for Global Expansion

DUBAI, Jan. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — “2013 International Table Tennis Federation Star Awards” was held on Jan. 11 in Dubai, where Chinese superstars Ma Long and Liu Shiwen were awarded Men’s and Women’s Singles 2013 Year-End World Number Ones. They both were also awarded a Trumpchi GA3 Sedan, a newly launched model by GAC Motor, a partner of the awards.


GAC also announced their expansion strategy in the Middle East, envisioning Trumpchi GA3 the “World’s Car” as Chinese athletes achieve their dream of being the “World’s Table Tennis Legends.” Wu Song, Director and General Manager of GAC Motor, stated that Trumpchi’s partnership with international tournaments does not just represent an individual brand’s rise, but also showcases the Chinese automobile industry’s strong foray into the global market.

“We applied the world’s most advanced technology on the Trumpchi, sourcing parts globally and having strict control over the manufacturing process, hence ensuring the high quality of the Trumpchi,” said Wu Song. Designed in Italy, with its C-Class chassis and equipment, B-Class value and quality, and A-Class price, the Trumpchi will be extremely competitive in the global market.

Since its establishment, the Trumpchi has been technologically on par with other global brands and developed based on top-notch European performance. GAC Motor not only has relationships with the global top ten automobile parts suppliers, but have also internalized Europe’s advanced chassis and ignition technology.

With the global strategy of “Prudent action, holistic plan, steady growth, major breakthroughs,” GAC plans to establish distribution networks in 18 countries in 2014, covering each continent, and extend further to neighboring markets. In the Middle East, GAC MOTOR plans to establish networks in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates  etc.; as well as in Russia and Ukraine of Eastern Europe; Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina of South America; Algeria and Nigeria of Africa; and in the Southeast Asia and Central Asia are Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia etc..

Ever since its incorporation, GAC Motor has always had deep ties with top international sports, including the 16th Asian Games in 2010, and the 2012 – 2015 ITTF World Tour. At this year’s ITTF Star Awards, the GAC Trumpchi will once again be presented as a grand prize, and become the ride of the Men’s and Women’s World Number Ones.

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