Emirates Post backs ATCUAE to drive awareness over International Driving Permits

Dubai: Emirates Post has joined forces with the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE to tell travellers that official International Driving Permits issued in accordance with Federal Law are as valuable as their passports.

A joint awareness campaign has been launched to target hundreds of thousands of UAE residents with the message that those planning to drive overseas must possess a legitimate International Driving Permit to avoid legal implications in the event of an accident.

The message is highlighted in leaflets being placed in PO boxes at Emirates Post outlets across the country, and also through an email and SMS campaign reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers.

It is the latest step in a six-year partnership between the ATCUAE and Emirates Post which is dedicated to steering UAE residents away from insurance and legal problems when they rent cars or drive private vehicles overseas.

Ibrahim Bin Karam, Chief Commercial Officer of Emirates Post Group, said: “This is an important public service exercise, as people need to know that buying from the wrong source can get them into trouble, and it marks another important step in the evolution of Emirates Post into a one-stop centre for community services.

“Our staff are trained to handle enquiries for International Driving Permits, and we will work closely with the ATCUAE to make the service user-friendly and speedy.” The latest campaign also supports the regulations laid down by UAE Federal Law No. (9) of 2011 on road transport. Under the law, the ATCUAE is the only organisation in the country authorised to issue legitimate International Driving Permits (IDPs).

The International Driving Permits will be available from each of the Emirates Post outlets across the country.

ATCUAE President Dr Mohammed Ben Sulayem, whose face will be carried on posters displayed at post offices and on roadside advertisements across the UAE, said: “I’m grateful to Emirates Post for their continued support as we look to safeguard travellers from the perils of driving overseas with a fake international driving license.” “This is not simply a commercial exercise. People buying a forged International Driving Permit and using it when they drive overseas can find themselves in serious trouble. If they have an accident, the fact that they are not carrying a legitimate permit may mean that their insurance is invalid, and that can be very costly.

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