Dubai Chamber organises seminar on settling commercial disputes

Dubai: The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in association with the Singapore Mediation Centre, today organised a seminar entitled “Mediation: An Effective Tool for Settling Commercial Disputes” at the Chamber head office.

The seminar moderator Loong Seng Onn, Executive Director, Singapore Mediation Centre, provided an overview of mediation, differences between mediation and litigation/arbitration and also reviewed the benefits of using alternative means of settling commercial disputes, most notably mediation.

In her opening address, Jehad Kazim, Director, Legal Services Department, Dubai Chamber, said: “Mediation, as a way for companies to resolve their disputes amicably, is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular across the Middle East, especially here in Dubai.” She highlighted that Dubai Chamber received 205 mediation cases in 1996, which went up to 337 in 2000, and then 379 in 2005, and later jumped by a large margin to 1,009 in 2010 but came down to 878 cases which shows the growing awareness of the business community in realising the importance of mediation as an alternative means of settling trade disputes.

Loong Seng Onn, Executive Director, Singapore Mediation Centre, said: “Mediation continues to present itself as a better method for businesses to resolve their disputes as compared to adversarial methods such as litigation and arbitration. The numerous benefits of mediation such as control over the outcome, significant cost and time savings, confidentiality and the potential to improve relationships are compelling reasons to consider mediation before other dispute resolution mechanisms.

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