Doha Hosts Forum on Qatar-Turkey Joint Strategic Vision for Middle Eastern Crises

Doha, - The Center for Strategic Studies of the Qatar Armed Forces is organizing the fifth edition of the international strategic policies forum under the title: Qatar-Turkey: joint strategic vision for Middle Eastern crises. The forum will held in cooperation with Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) on 5 March.

The two-day forum will discuss a number of issues and developments taking place in the region and will be attended by 150 local and international personnel in addition to an elite group of decision makers, politicians, diplomatic, and academics from all around the world.

Commenting on the forum, Leader of the Center for Strategic Studies, Brigadier General Dr Hamad Mohammed Al Marri said the current situation in the region imposes itself on the strategic studies centers due to the suffering of the Arab population and the increase of security threats that affect national security.

Turkey is also affected by the conflicts taking place in its neighboring countries, Syria and Iraq, a matter which forced it to interfere in order to maintain its national security, he added, pointing out that the Forum will discuss the latest developments in the Middle East and the Qatari and Turkish points of view vis-a-vis those issues.

Al Marri said that the forum hopes to gather officials of expertise to present and review the latest crises in the region, to exchange different views on the issue, and to bridge gaps and strengthen relations between all participants.

The Center for Strategic Studies will collect all research documents that will be presented at the forum and will submit the final recommendations to decision makers to use as reference if needed, he said.

The head of the organizing committee Brigadier Rashid Al Nuaimi explained the forum will discuss five main topics, highlighting the importance of exchanging views during the event which brings experts from around the world.

Head of the media team, Brigadier Saad Haneef Al Hajri stressed on the importance the forum internally and internationally as many prestigious public figures will attend it to present their political and military views to the crises.

The partnership between Center for Strategic Studies and TASAM, a prominent strategic center in the region, requires a mutual proactive approach and unified point of view in various fields in order to face the obstacles facing the region.

The Center for Strategic Studies was established in 2004 under the wise leadership to give importance to strategic vision and support decision making in adaptation to different researches and studies, by bridging the gaps between Qatar armed forces and other prominent think tanks. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency