DM issues order on camping in desert

Dubai: As part of the Commitment of Dubai Municipality to maintain the environment and cleanliness of the desert land in line with the slogan “Leave the place clean for others to enjoy it” and within the efforts in maintaining the uninhabited areas in the Emirate of Dubai, .

The decision coincides with the start of winter camping season in desert areas in the Emirate of Dubai, which stipulates that the Dubai Municipality will be applying provisions regulating the temporary uses of desert land as provided in the Local Order No. 2 of 99, and the administrative decision No. 310 of 2008, referred to the camps set up by a third party for the purposes of entertainment.

These provisions require the people who wish to set up winter camps to obtain necessary permission from Dubai Municipality. The validity of the permit will be six months without exceeding the end of April 2012. The area of land authorized for the establishment of a camp should not exceed 300 m2.

The duration and other requirements must be adhered in line with the requirements of environment, health, planning and construction set forth in the municipal legislation. The land should be evacuated at the expiration of the permit and return it to the previous state. The fee for permit is 22 fils per square meter weekly for the required area of the camp.

Dubai Municipality will make necessary coordination with the officials of the organizational units responsible for environmental protection, hygiene and public health and safety to establish a supervisory mechanism and control on those camps to ensure their commitment to the requirements of occupancy permits issued.

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