Dismantling Two Booby-Trapped Cars in Southern Yemen

Sana’a, June 11 (QNA) – The Ministry of Defense of Yemen announced that the Yemeni army have managed to foil a terrorist attack targeting vital installations in Shabwa in Southern Yemen.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, the Ministry said that some armed members of Al-Qaeda were trying to detonate two car bombs , one planted in a power station, and another in another facility in the city of Ataq before the army thwarted their attempts.

It further explained that the first car had 6 rockets aboard, three mortar shells and a box loaded with explosives and connected to an electrical circuit. The second car had five tanks’ shells, explosive molds, three mortar shells and a rocket. An engineering team has successfully managed to dismantle the explosives.

The ministry added that the army forces were able to destroy a third car that had a number or terrorists in the area of ‘Naqba’ after a fight resulted in killing all of them.

The province of Shabwa has been a scene of violent clashes between the army and al Qaeda-linked militants during the previous weeks which resulted in the death and injuries of many people. (QNA)

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