China Supports UN Mediation Efforts to Resolve Syrian Crisis

Beijing, June 24 (QNA) – China on Monday voiced support for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s mediation efforts to resolve the ongoing crisis in Syria.

“China always supports the United Nations and the secretary-general’s mediation work to address the Syrian issue,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a news briefing after Ban brought out a six-point plan on Syria last Friday, according to (Xinhua) news agency.

In the proposal, Ban suggested ending violence, protecting civilians, starting a serious political process, ensuring accountability, finishing the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons and addressing the regional dimensions of the conflict.

The issue of Syria must be resolved through political means; the future of Syria must be decided by its own people; an inclusive political transition process must be promoted; national reconciliation and unity must be achieved in Syria; and humanitarian assistance must be delivered in Syria and its neighboring countries, Hua said.

The spokeswoman said the spread of terrorist and extremist forces has posed a very real threat in Syria, other regional countries and even countries outside the region. (QNA)

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