China Pledges Cooperation With Pakistan Against Terrorism

Beijing, June 17 (QNA) – China on Tuesday hailed Pakistan’s contribution to the international anti-terrorism campaign after it launched an anti-Taliban military offensive that has killed 177 terrorists.

Speaking at a daily press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying pledged China’s continuing support for Pakistan’s efforts in safeguarding national security and promised to enhance bilateral cooperation in anti-terrorism, Xinhua news agency reported.

Pakistan is a victim of international terrorist activities and has made great sacrifice for and contribution to the global anti-terrorism fight, according to Hua.

“As an all-weather strategic partner and good neighbor of Pakistan, China has supported and will support as always Pakistan’s anti-terrorism strategy based on its national situation,” she said.

China is ready to continue cooperating with Pakistan so as to make contributions to the security and stability of both countries and the region, the spokeswoman added. (QNA)

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