China Condemns Abuse of Force in Gaza

Beijing, July 31 (QNA) – China is devastated by continuing conflicts between Palestine and Israel, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, adding any abuse of force that led to mass casualties of civilians was “unacceptable.”
China strongly condemned the conflict that has killed over 1,100 Palestinians and more than 50 Israelis, injuring 6,000 others, Wang said.

“Fighting has continued, even escalate, during the Muslim Eid festival marking the end of Ramadan. We feel devastated and grieved,” he said.

He stressed the most pressing task is that Palestine and Israel immediately realize a ceasefire unconditionally and stop any air raids, ground operations and rocket launches.

“The conflict highlights the urgency for resuming the peace talks between Palestine and Israel. China is willing to work with the international community to restart the talks,” Wang said.

“China knows how the people in Gaza Strip have suffered and will continue to provide assistance within our own capacity to Palestine and the Gaza Strip,” Wang said. (QNA)

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