Chadian President: Doha Peace Agreement Achieved Regional Stability

Khartoum, October 18 (QNA) – Chadian President Idriss Deby has stressed that the Doha Peace Agreement (DPA) has  achieved peace in the region through the gains realized in (the western Sudanese region of) Darfur in the areas of security, stability, development and influenced  significantly and noticeably on neighboring countries and the Pacific Regional.
   In remarks published here today, Deby renewed his full commitment to supporting the peace process in Darfur through the implementation of the Doha Peace Agreement and his incessant efforts to persuade to persuade armed movements (which has not signed the agreement) to join the peace process.
    This came during a meeting between the Chadian President and Chief of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority Al-Tijani Sisi in the Chadian capital, N’Djamena.
    For his part,  Sisi said his meeting with the Chadian president  addressed the latest developments of the peace process in Darfur, the progress of Doha Peace Agreement, the challenges facing peace in Darfur and the role of Chad during the next phase, adding “we have seen clear enthusiasm from the Chadian president in support of  the peace process in Darfur as one of the basic cornerstones for regional security and expressed his readiness to provide all potentials at his disposal to make the Doha Peace Agreement  a success. He viewed it as the ultimate  solution which all parties should abide by and to work for protecting it  because it heralds ” a true peace for the people of Darfur who have approved it as their path for a sustainable peace. “
  Concluding, the Chief of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority said  the meeting dealt with cooperation between Darfur and neighboring Chad border states to set up a unified organization to achieve security, stability and mutual benefits, to secure the border and to enhance the positive aspects achieved in this area.(QNA)

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