Center of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi organizes awareness Seminar

WAM ABU DHABI: The Centre of Waste Management-Abu Dhabi said it had recently organised an awareness seminar entitled “Indiscriminate Disposal of Waste and Wastewater, a Risk that Threatens Future Generations”, in collaboration with the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) and the Department of Municipal Affairs in the cultural centre hall in its ICAD 1 industrial zone in Abu Dhabi.

Holding the event was in line with its ongoing commitment to the protection and conservation of environment and the UAE’s natural resources, the Center said in a press release. The seminar, which is a part of the “STOP Illegal Dumping of Waste” campaign, sought to promote awareness among workers, plant operators and providers of waste management services on the negative environmental impacts of overlooking the proper procedures and policies adopted in this area.

In addition, it introduced them to the environmental damages resulting from the illegal dumping of waste and wastewater in natural habitats or beaches in particular. The seminar also discussed the impact of illegal dumping on the public health and economy, and the fact that this practice was caused by the lack of awareness of the proper methods and means for handling of waste or a neglect of the concerned regulations.

The seminar commenced with a welcoming speech by Facilities Management Manager at ZonesCorp Abdul Rahman Al Jahoushi, followed with a presentation by Director of HSE Sector at the Center of Waste Management Engineer Hani Hossni on the effects of illegal dumping of waste and wastewater in addition to an interactive discussion aimed to enhance the knowledge of audience members on the importance of this subject and the proper means for waste and wastewater management. Moreover, the seminar highlighted the laws and legislations for the management of waste and touched upon the licensing and tariff system imposed on concerned parties.

Commenting on the seminar, CEO of ZonesCorp Mohamed Hasan Al Qamzi, said: “The awareness seminar emphasises ZonesCorp’s commitment to playing a prominent role in achieving Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030.

ZonesCorp realizes the importance of preserving the environment and protecting natural sources and the strong correlation between these resources and their effect on the maintenance of a healthy work environment and lifestyle for the community, which present and future generations should enjoy.

” Al Qamzi added: “Throughout the seminar, we wanted to emphasize the responsibility borne by all parties in the application of laws and regulations that limit the illegal dumping of waste and environmental pollution caused by failure to follow proper means of waste and wastewater disposal in Abu Dhabi.

Thus, we aim to begin promoting good practices through organising such seminars and strengthening cooperation with the concerned parties in order to raise awareness on the regulations aimed at maintaining the civilized appearance of Abu Dhabi and its environmental safety at the same time. ” The seminar falls in line with ZonesCorp’s efforts in the field of environment protection, where it organised this week another educational seminar titled “Improving Energy Efficiency ‘&’ Carbon Reduction” in collaboration with DNV Kema Energy and Sustainability.

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