Canada Denounces ‘Russian Provocation’ in Black Sea

Ottawa, September 09 (QNA) – Canada has denounced a maneuver by a Russian military plane which circled over a Canadian frigate (HMCS Toronto) on a NATO mission in the Black Sea, describing the incident which took place on Monday as ‘unnecessarily provocative’.

The Russian aircraft “did not in any way pose a threat to the Canadian ship,” said Canadian Defense Minister Rob Nicholson, adding “their actions were unnecessarily provocative and risk escalating tensions even further” in the region.

The Canadian frigate left Canada’s Atlantic coast at the end of July with 250 sailors and a (Sea King) helicopters on board to join the NATO mission.

“The participation of HMCS Toronto in NATO’s reassurance measures in the Black Sea demonstrates Canada’s steadfast commitment to peace and security in Eastern and Central Europe,” the Canadian defense minister said.

These measures have been undertaken “as a direct result of the Putin regime’s military aggression and invasion of Ukraine,” he said.

Canada and NATO forces are sending the message that “Russia’s reckless actions must stop,” he added. (QNA)

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