Aspire Academy Involves Technology in Developing Talents

 Earlier technology used by ASPIRE Academy delivered information on covered distance and speed of the players during games. However, previous technology didn’t provide accurate measurements for short sprints (less than one second) nor for high intensity runs and turning movements to name a few important variables in football performance. In a typical football match or football training sessions, players accelerate, decelerate and change direction continuously. Using the Inmotio system, the ASPIRE Academy Team is aiming to improve both accuracy and reliability of these high intensity activities.
 ASPIRE Academy will be using the system mainly to focus on the individual development of its youth players. It will allow coaches to build a base line enabling them to benchmark teams and youth players against this reference. The Inmotio system will help all coaches and management monitor players to make better decisions about training. Among other sport tools, the Inmotio system will be one of ASPIRE Academy’s main tools in creating youth player profiles. These profiles will enable decision-makers to predict, select, and position players against predefined improvement goals and individualized training programs.
 Aspire Academy is a globally recognised national sports academy for the development of Qatar’s athletically talented boys. The internationally renowned sports programs and facilities are a symbol of Qatar’s sporting ambitions and pride.
  Aspire Academy provides integrated sports development, sports science and academic learning for scholarship boys. Additionally, Aspire delivers an ambitious health and lifestyle program for the community delivering over 25,000 classes per annum. (qna)

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