Aspetar Leads the Way with Installation of MRI Scanner

Doha, June 10 (QNA) – Recently Aspetar has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing world-class medical services to its patients with the installation of a ground-breaking Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine – the GE Healthcare Discovery MR750w 3.0T.

Aspetar is the first hospital in Qatar to possess a machine that provides a wide-range of advanced clinical functions and uncompromised image quality. The scanner is specifically designed to be patient-friendly with an overarching goal of transforming the overall MRI experience.

Chief Operating Officer of Aspetar Ibrahim Al Darwish said: “Traditional MRI scans can be daunting but the Discovery MR750w aims to help reduce this anxiety during an examination. Through its unique design and by shortening the length of the scans, this pioneering machine demonstrates Aspetar’s dedication to providing high quality patient care.”.

Director of Radiology at Aspetar Salwa Allenjawi explained: “The exceptional design of the device accommodates patients who are usually difficult to scan, including claustrophobic or severely injured patients. It does this through a detachable table, equipped with a comfort tilt, which helps to better position the shoulders, knees and spinal cord during examinations. This feature is intended to help improve comfort as well as reduce patient movement for improved image quality”.Additionally, the device is equipped with a new suite of lightweight high-density flexible coils to accommodate athletes of various shapes and sizes. These coils eliminate the need for patients to fit into a shell incompatible with their body type. It also means that Aspetar can provide crystal clear images of the extremities including knees, shoulders and hips.

Meanwhile, the new system is also able to generate high-quality imaging around metal implants for significantly improved visualisations of bone and soft tissue. Consequently, the result is a unique ability to provide comprehensive diagnoses following previous orthopaedic implant surgery in various areas of the body including the knees, hips and ankles.

Chief of Radiology at Aspetar Dr Nabil Jomaah said: “Aspetar is one of the world’s leading sports medicine facilities and aims to provide the highest level of medical care. Therefore the installation of this new MRI device means that athletes will be able to make use of state-of-the-art technology right here at Aspetar without having to travel abroad.” (QNA)

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