Asian Para Games: Qatari Ali Arshad Wins Bronze Medal in 100-m Wheelchair Race

Hangzhou, Qatari Ali Arshad won Monday the bronze medal in the 100-m wheelchair race at the Asian Para Games, which takes place at the Chinese city of Hangzhou and continues until Oct. 28 with the participation of 43 countries.

Ali Arshad's bronze win came after he achieved third place in the race, recording a time of 15.60 seconds, while Thailand's Chaiwat Rattana came in first place and won gold with a time of 15.18 seconds, and China's Zhong Wenhao won second place and won silver with a time of 15.55 seconds.

The Qatari goalball team will also face its Iraqi counterpart on Monday, at the beginning of its journey in the competition, and then will meet its Japanese counterpart on Tuesday. In turn, player Ali Arshad will compete tomorrow in the 800-meter wheelchair race.

The Qatari delegation to the Asian Para Games, headed by Assistant-Secretary of the Qatar Sports Federation for Special Needs, Abdul Qadir Al Mutawa, includes 18 individuals, including nine male and female players, four coaches, a technical director, a physical therapist, and a companion.

The Qatari delegation is participating in the athletics competitions with three male and female players: Abdulrahman Abdulqader (shot put) and his coach, Ahsan Bouthalja, Mohammed Rashid Al Kubaisi and Ali Arshad (100 meter and 200 meter wheelchair running competition) and their coach Nabil Al Maslamani, and player Sarah Masoud (shot put) and her coach Walid Maghmoul, and the delegation also participates in goalball competitions for the blind which includes six players: Walid Al Kooheji, Mohammed Al Mohammed, Mohammad Bashir Al Kahlot, Abdul Hadi Ali Al Marri, Abbad Walid Al Shamali, and Ikrami Ahmed, and their coach Abdul Qadir Khadim.

Executive Director of the Qatar Sports Federation for Special Needs Amir Al Mulla arrived Sunday in the Chinese city of Hangzhou to attend the course activities.

Head of the Qatari delegation Abdul Qadir Al Mutawa expressed his happiness with Ali Arshad winning the bronze medal in the 100-meter wheelchair race at the beginning of the teams journey in the tournament.

Al Mutawa said in an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency that Today, Qatari player Ali Arshad was able to win bronze after a strong and exciting competition from Chinese and Thai players and achieved the first medal for the delegation in the competition.

He added that this medal is valuable, especially since this is the first participation of our player Ali Arshad in an Asian Para Games, and they look forward to achieving more crowns in the rest of the competitions.

For his part, Executive Director of the Qatar Sports Federation for Special Needs Amir Al Mulla praised the achievement made by the player Ali Arshad in opening the competitions and achieving the first medals for the Qatari delegation.

Al Mulla said in a similar statement that their player Ali Arshad is young and the future is ahead of him, and we are counting on him a lot for future achievements.

Source: Qatar News Agency