Arab Parliament speaker: Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons aborts Labrahimi’s mission

WAM CAIRO: The speaker of the Arab Parliament Ahmed Mohammed Al-Jarwan on Monday said the reported use of poisonous gases by the Syrian regime against Syrian citizens in al-Khalidiyyah and al-Bayyadha neighbourhoods of Homs City will, if proven, aborts the mission of the UN-Arab League special envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi even before it starts.

The use of poisonous gases in the Syrian city killed children, women and young people and caused paralysis and blindness to many others, according to Al-Jarwan in a statement.

The speaker of the Arab Parliament said the use of poisonous gases by the Syrian regime is “a dangerous development” and a “war crime” that will affect the US-Russian plan which is carried by Brahimi and proposes that Bashar Assad could keep his post until 2014, according to Al-Jarwan.

“The Syrian people will not accept this plan and it is categorically rejected.” “The only way out from the crisis in Syria is that Bashar Assad has to immediately step down. He (Assad) must understand that he has lost legitimacy as he has lost his popularity and has been addicted to targeting his own people for two years systematically killing people, shedding Syrian’s blood and destroying Syria’s infrastructure,” Al-Jarwan said.

“This has infuriated Arab peoples and the world and history will not have mercy on his rule.” Al-Jarwan also expressed hopes that Syria will regain its deserved Arab, regional and international position and that joint efforts will manage to rebuild what this regime has destroyed during its aggression on the people whose only demands are freedom, justice and human dignity.


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