Arab League Urges Immediate International Protection for Palestinian People

Cairo, July 29 (QNA) – Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League for Palestine and Occupied Arab Territories Affairs Mohammad Subeih said Tuesday it is now high time to provide immediate international protection for the Palestinian people.

“We cannot keep silent at the genocide, and violations of the international humanitarian laws and the UN Charter by Israeli occupation forces in Gaza Strip,” he told reporters here.

“What we see is steadfastness by the Palestinians in Gaza, including children, women and elderly people, in the face of a calamity unmatched in history,” Subeih pointed out, KUNA reported.

“It’s apparent that the Israeli authorities planned for a long time for a genocide against the Palestinian people everywhere starting from Jerusalem and the entire West Bank to Gaza,” he said, citing the ordeal of Palestinian detainees at Israeli jails.

He affirmed that the Israeli military onslaught on Gaza which entered its 22nd day, claimed the lives of more than 1,100 Palestinian civilians including a high percentage of children and women.

“Hospitals and schools in Gaza, run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), where Palestinian children sheltered, were not immune to attacks by Israeli F-16 fighter jets,” he added .

He said despite the repeated calls by the League and the Secretary General for halting the aggression on Gaza, Israel persisted in committing the carnage and proved to be against the two-state solution to the conflict . (QNA)

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