Al Sada: Investment in Industrial Enterprises in Qatar Reaches QR 248 Billion /2/

For his part, Director of the Industrial Development Department at the Ministry of Energy and Industry Said Al-Kuwari said that seminar offered about 30 investment opportunity ranging between small and medium, explaining that the ministry is seeking to apply the Qatar Vision 2030, which aims to support the industrial sector and for that purpose Qatar small and medium enterprises organ have been established.

He added that there is a plan for the establishment of large industrial areas to accommodate all current and future industrial projects, in addition to the existing small and medium industries area which is affiliated to the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

The projects put forward are a sort of ideas presented to the private sector to study them thoroughly and transform them into real investment opportunities, Al-Kuwari said adding that with the private sector’s endeavours to implement those ideas, the state is working to provide the appropriate lands for such projects.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) Abdul Aziz bin Hamad al-Aqeel expressed pleasure over the Ministry of Energy and Industry’s offering of excellent industrial opportunities, describing them as powerful and can add to the industry in Qatar by inviting the business community of the Gulf to participate in such seminars, especially that they have a true desire to enter the Qatari market which is rich with opportunities especially industrial ones.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Industry and Energy is replete with large expertise, which is reflected on the provision of ready investment opportunities to benefit of local investors, and thus promote the industry in Qatar.

The one-day Industrial Investment Seminar 2014 which aims to promote investment opportunities in the the small and medium industries in Qatar, will feature three sessions during which a number of different projects will be reviewed, such as welded pipes, seamless pipes, renewal of used steel drums, blood bags, automotive batteries, assembling of air conditioners, air filters and water heaters, industrial gloves, polyvinyl chloride sheets, fiber cloths and pharmaceutical capsules and pills.(QNA)

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